The Balcony Barbecue that lets city-dwellers grill their dinner in even the smallest of outdoor spaces 

It is one of those things that those of us living in high-rise apartments or small city flats must endure: the lack of space to hold a proper barbecue. 

But now a firm has come up with an ingenious solution to allow city-dwellers to enjoy some outdoor cooking - with the invention of a barbecue that hooks over a balcony just like a window box.

The Balcony Barbecue costs £59.99 from Firebox.com  and is large enough to grill a decent number of sausages or a couple of steaks. Lengthways you could even fit a whole fish or some meat kebabs.

'Living in the City certainly has many perks but it does mean that not everyone has the luxury of boundless green gardens and varnished oak decking to enjoy their summer,' Firebox.com say on their website, adding: 'but now the Balcony Barbecue has landed!'

The stainless steel grill can be mounted onto any balcony or railing or even attached to a wall for smaller gardens, and it it is portable, so can be unhooked and taken to the beach or park for a picnic. 

The genius part? During the winter months the barbecue doubles up as a window box. Just turf the plants out when the sun comes out again, replace the grill part and you’re back in business.  [x]